35+ years of excellence in social innovation

Ashoka is the largest global community of leading social entrepreneurs with more than 3300 entrepreneurs in 90+ countries. Ashoka has been recognized as the pioneer of social entrepreneurship and ranks 6th in the top 500 NGOs globally.

  • Thorkil Sonne
    Thorkil Sonne Ashoka Entrepreneur and Specialisterne Founder

    Flipped our thinking about disabilities and employability. In redefining autism as strength – especially for a range of high-skilled analytical jobs – he is creating pathways to meaningful employment for 1 million youth globally.

  • Muhammad Yunus
    Muhammad Yunus Ashoka Entrepreneur and Grameen Bank Founder

    Flipped the model of banking, demonstrating that poor people may have no assets but are inherently creditworthy and thus bankable. Thanks to the Grameen Bank and the thousands of institutions that adopted the model, microfinance is now available the world over.

  • Jimmy Wales
    Jimmy Wales Ashoka Entrepreneur and Wikipedia Founder

    Flipped the model of knowledge creation so that expertise is no longer the protected domain of a few. Thanks to Wikipedia, today anyone can produce and access knowledge anytime, anywhere.

Words from our community

  • Ashoka is impact. Ashoka is 'changing the systems'.

    Alexandra Bernadotte Ashoka Fellow and CEO, Beyond 12
  • If one were to do the forensics in significant impact in health, education, and the environment, you will often find the fingerprints of Ashoka.

    Stuart Davidson Stuart Davidson, Co-founder and Sr. Managing Director, Sonen Capital
  • Looking through the lens of social entrepreneurs means anticipating market changes for the good of all.

    Christian Boehringer President of the Shareholders’ Committee of Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Being involved with Ashoka has set a high bar for the rest of philanthropy that we are getting involved with because I can see that these are people who are driving true change.

    Anne Wojcicki CEO and Co-founder, 23andMe

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