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Priscila is working to transform the system by which educational materials and trainings reach teachers and students within Brazil’s massive public education system. She expects to improve the quality and relevance of curriculum materials and teacher training to raise educational outcomes in a system beset by chronic underperformance and an inflexible national textbook purchasing authority. Priscila uses a two-pronged strategy to influence and achieve policy change at the national, state, and local levels. She seeks to shift the regulatory environment in order to promote Open Educational Resources as a content-based alternative for customizing and tailoring education information for students across Brazil. Second, Priscila is building collaboration across key departments and ministries of education to develop new training systems. These include new coursework to facilitate comprehension of subject material and to also promote a mindset shift among teachers (i.e. and by extension the students) to become creators and disseminators of educational content. In this way, she aims to create an invigorated and dynamic educational experience for Brazilian students.

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São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil


São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil

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